Cyber Security

Recruit Affordable Cyber Security Professionals

Supplying the best cyber talent trained by our expert team to support organizations of any size and industry. Cyber security recruitment is a challenge with the cyber security resource shortage, and the CISOSHARE team decided to tackle the issue by providing flexible staffing options. Organizations can find resources and expertise they need to complete their security projects.

Staffed Managed Security Services
Outsource ongoing security program activities for a monthly or yearly contracts. Let your organization focus on what it does best and pass the security resource issues to us. From building a foundation for your security program to managing and executing relevant processes, we have the team and expertise ready.

Role-Based Cyber Resources
We have highly trained, U.S.-based resources who solve cyber security resource constraints. You choose the support role and processes you want the resource to execute. Our experts provide value to your team instantly and have additional support from senior resources on demand.

Hire in the following project areas:
Vendor and Third Party Risk Management
Vulnerability Management
Policy and Process Management
Security Project Management

Cyber Security Staff Augmentation
Meet the demand of growing cyber security program responsibilities and quickly add experienced cyber security staff to support your program. You give us the requirements, we give you the resources.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Security Engineering, Implementation, and Maintenance
Vulnerability Management and Remediation
Incident Management and Response