AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence; basically, we think it means machines contest to get smarter and no human-beings required in the technical realm. Artificially intelligent systems taking over our digital life combines human intuition with machine generated observations and holds substantial promise for organizations to reduce costs and increase quality with better outcomes for users. The pros and cons are; it seeks to help managers understand and act on the immense opportunity from the combination of human and machine intelligence. But this also involves new speculations and perils in vulnerability, job loss, and security wherein human judgment is cloned with robotics and cognitive technology. That’s true. But are these technologies going to help us or replace us?

Our focus here is to work with your organization to identify the business functions to which AI can be applied. We work with you end-to-end, to infuse AI into your applications.

AI cybersecurity solutions

As cyberattacks grow in volume and complexity, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping under-resourced security operations analysts stay ahead of threats. Curating threat intelligence from millions of research papers, blogs and news stories, AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing provide rapid insights to cut through the noise of daily alerts, drastically reducing response times.

Vision on Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Data and Ethics

The intersection between technology and health has been an increasing area of focus for policymakers, patient groups, ethicists and innovators. As a company, we found ourselves in the midst of many different discussions with customers in both the private and public sectors, seeking to harness technology, including cloud computing and AI, all for the end goal of improving human health. Artificial Intelligence offers incredible promise in the field of healthcare. From AI infused tools that make more accurate analysis of various medical images to systems that look across large healthcare systems to determine how to more efficiently and promptly treat patients, the future certainly looks promising. But it is also critical to understand AI is already delivering innovation and benefits to healthcare today.